Mazel Tov! CCOC saved 6 boys and 7 girls on the 96th flight!


These precious 13 children have been brought to Israel where they will receive the best medical treatment, education and care from the CCOC staff.

Also on this flight was the mother of one of the children, Alexi, whom CCOC saved 3 years ago. When CCOC first rescued Alexi, he had liver problems, high blood pressure, severe headaches and a rare eye disease called Papilledema. He also had many learning disabilities and a very low self esteem. Thank G-d, with love and tender care, including hospitalization and animal-assisted therapy, Alexi is now doing much better. One of CCOC’s social workers felt it would be of great benefit for Alexi’s mother to visit, so CCOC brought her to Israel on the 96th flight for the two of them to spend time together. The reunion at the airport was beautiful and emotional.


Thank you to everyone who made flight #96 happen. May we, together, continue to make many more miracles happen.