“ccoc is the only organization in the world that permanently removes children from the contaminated areas surrounding Chernobyl.”

In 1990, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, heard the cries of the children affected by this disaster and urgently established CCOC. The goal of this group was to rescue the children of Chernobyl, bring them to Israel permanently, and care for them as they embarked on their new journey. This goal has remained steadfast throughout CCOC’s existence.

The first rescue flight miraculously occurred on August 3, 1990, when 196 children were flown to Israel and brought to CCOC’s campus. Since then, thousands of children have come through CCOC’s doors, where they receive housing, education and medical care in a loving, supportive environment.

Chabad’s Children of Chernobyl is the only organization in the world that brings children out of contaminated areas permanently. There are, however, children who cannot leave the Chernobyl region for a variety of reasons. To assist these children and their families, CCOC sends medicine, medical equipment, therapeutic aids and other necessary supplies to the contaminated areas. Additionally, CCOC has trained local physicians to treat radiation-induced illnesses and has built a mammography clinic to help combat the astronomically high rates of breast cancer in the area.

Rescue Flight

Children are evacuated from the Chernobyl region on rescue missions. For many of them, this flight will be their first experience on an airplane.

Home in Israel

The children live in dormitories with all the amenities necessary to make them feel at home.


The children receive an excellent education and are provided with school supplies, textbooks and a full array of extracurricular activities.

Summer Camp

CCOC facilitates summer camps specifically designed for the Chernobyl children. The camps provide daily activities including sports and recreation, with a strong emphasis on trips and outings to further heal minds and growing bodies.

Medical Care

Various medical treatments are required depending on each child’s particular illness. CCOC employs a full-time pediatrician and psychologist, and provides all necessary medical care.

Extracurricular Activities

Children are provided with a wide range of activities including arts, music and sports.

Reuniting Families

CCOC encourages parents to reunite with their children in Israel. We encourage the parents, if possible, to take an active involvement in their children’s lives. Our success rate is remarkably high.

Aid in the Chernobyl Region

CCOC provides food, clothing and medical equipment to the Chernobyl region, offering temporary relief to those who remain in the contaminated areas. CCOC has established a mammography clinic and trained physicians to assist the doctors in the region.