Chabad’s Children of Chernobyl’s (CCOC) 91st rescue mission landed in Israel on May 25th with 20 children on board!


The 91st flight landed just after the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, a time which we learn the significance of children and their role as our “guarantors.” These precious 20 children are the hope for generations to come—they represent the success of our future.

CCOC staff and supporters from New York ushered in the plane’s arrival and greeted the children as they stepped off the plane. They excitedly welcomed 11 girls and 9 boys, including one boy whose father tragically passed away just two weeks before.

This emotional gathering was proceeded by a visit with the children at the CCOC campus in Israel, where the sister of one of the girls from the 91st flight joined to see the newcomers. The girls were accompanied to their dormitory, adjusting to their new home and environment and were serenaded with a beautiful musical performance by the children currently in the program. The group then continued to the boys’ dormitory where everyone enjoyed a wonderful barbeque and then headed to the computer lounge where one child was video conferencing with his mother—a very emotional experience for all involved.

Visiting from New York for Yossie Raichik z”l’s daughter’s wedding, CCOC supporters and friends were able to participate in the emotional arrival of this life-changing program that Yossie directed. It is imperative that CCOC continues to carry out Yossie’s dream and efforts. This is only made possible with the partnership of our dear friends and underwriters.

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