With gratitude in our hearts, we announce the arrival of Chabad’s Children of Chernobyl’s (CCOC) 90th rescue mission which landed in Israel on April 8th.

This very significant flight is not only a tremendous landmark for CCOC, but the flight also arrives at the conclusion of Passover, the holiday that most represents freedom for the Jewish People. These precious 16 children have made their own personal exodus from the contaminated region in which they lived, to the freedom of Israel, where the clean air, healthy diet, and outstanding medical care will, with G-d’s help, restore them to good health.

While at the airport on the way to Israel, a young man from El Al security approached the group asking why they were going to Israel. After hearing that they were the Children of Chernobyl, tears came to the man’s eyes and he began crying as he shared with them his story of being rescued in 1993 by CCOC. Seventeen years later, he deeply expressed his appreciation and informed CCOC that he now works for El Al and is in the process of intensive security training.

Another remarkable story unfolded with the arrival of the 90th flight. Stanislav, a 14-year-old boy who CCOC rescued in April 2009, never had a father, and his mother was killed in a tragic car accident when he was just 8 years old. From then until the age of 13, Stanislav’s grandmother took care of him, tending the best she could to the various blood diseases and emotional trauma he suffered. Under the care of CCOC, his health began improving but with his grandmother nearby, Stanislav will hopefully prosper even more. This is why CCOC brought Stanislav’s grandmother to Israel on the 90th flight! Reunited at last, she will be with her grandson for the next few weeks.


It has become more urgent than ever before to rescue these children as new reports emerge about what appears to be an even greater rate of birth defects in the areas most affected by Chernobyl (click here for the article).

It is the wonderful partnership of our dear friends that makes it possible for CCOC to bring these children, who live in constant danger, to the safety and freedom of Israel. On behalf of all the children, we send our deepest appreciation and our hope that you will join us until we save every child.