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CCOC’s 98th rescue flight just landed saving 8 boys and 5 girls. These 13 children are now in the safety of their new home with CCOC in Israel.

Flight #98 featured the special reunion of a CCOC child with his mother. For most of Daniel P.’s childhood, he was incredibly sick and weak, suffering from digestive and developmental problems. His father passed away when he was a baby, so his mother raised him alone. As a young single mother with little money, she was unable to properly care for Daniel, her only child. She did not want to leave home, as her entire life, including her boyfriend, was there; however, she wanted Daniel to have the opportunities that he deserved, both medically and socially.

In 2008, Daniel was taken under the care of CCOC. Over the past four years, he has come quite a long way and is now doing much better. As he approaches Bar Mitzvah age and begins preparing for this special point in his life, CCOC took the advice of his social worker and brought his mother to Israel to visit Daniel. This was a very moving reunion, and we are happy that Daniel and his mother are able to spend quality time together as he begins his journey into adulthood.

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Daniel P. reunited with his mother

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