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CCOC’s 99th rescue flight just landed saving 11 boys and 17 girls. These 28 children are now safe in their new home with CCOC in Israel.

Flight #99 reunited two children with their relatives. Many of you might recall Sergei, an orphan rescued by CCOC many years ago who underwent several heart surgeries to save his life. Sergei’s mother recently passed away, and he became extremely depressed. Our psychologists have determined that Sergei needs a strong support system, at which point we decided to fly in his uncle to spend time together.

Also, 13 year-old Luba, who arrived on CCOC’s 94th flight, was reunited with her two younger sisters, Ilena (12) and Eva (7).

The 99th flight has arrived at a very significant time. On April 26th, we will commemorate the 27th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. We cannot forget the countless number of children who remain living in the Chernobyl region and are exposed to the ongoing devastating effects of the radiation there. The 99th flight serves as a reminder of how much your help is needed to save these children.

In addition, CCOC’s 99th flight took place upon the heels of Yom HaShoah– Holocaust Remembrance Day. We must learn from the past and take action today to ensure that these children will have a brighter future.